Who is the Story King of Essential Oil Products?

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Who is the "Story" King of Essential Oil Products?

2020 Nov.23 by Alisa of Wans Chemicals

Do you know who is the best storyteller of hundreds of essential oils in the world? The same name, the same look, the same smell,but the price ranges from a dozen dollars to more than 100 dollars, everyone swears that their products are all natural, and claims to provide all the proof you need. But the truth is, Only one among them is truethere is a huge price difference between the products on the market, and the product quality level is uneven. Garlic oil is the best storytelling product in the world, so did you get it right?

Because of the odor characteristics of garlic oil, it is difficult for ordinary users to make a correct judgment based on their senses alone.

Is it true that an American client of mine insists that he is importing pure natural garlic oil at a landing price of USD65/KG? Let's first look at several ways in which garlic essential oil is produced on the market.

One of the main components of garlic oil are a class of compounds called DAS, which include DAS1, DAS2, Das3, DAS4, DAS5, DADS, and a series of thioether compounds.

Pure Natural Garlic Oil

Pure natural garlic oil is made from fresh garlic through Steam distillation, and is rich in components, including DAS1 to DAS5, as well as natural flavors like DADS.

Chemical Reaction Generation

Basically only DAS2, DAS3 ratio in the product are relatively fixed and not adjustable, contains a small amount of DAS1, DAS4, the price is about USD15.

Monomer Blending

The main components are DAS2, DAS3, the ratio can be adjusted to any required ratio, with a small amount of DAS1, DAS4, selling at around USD50.

Natural Addition

Adding synthetic garlic oil into natural garlic oil can reproduce the flavor of natural garlic oil very well. It's almost authentic. The cost is greatly reduced, selling at about USD60-80.

Natural Plus Natural Vegetable Oil

Through adding low-cost vegetable oil to natural garlic oil, the smell of garlic oil can be retained, and the price can be reduced by diluting vegetable oil.

For pure natural garlic oil, the oil content of garlic is basically fixed, the accepted yield in the industry is about 2kg/1000kg. Then focus on the price of garlic, even the most advanced technology is used to extract all the garlic oil from the garlic, the price of garlic oil will not be less than USD100/KG (wholesale commercial price).

For the non-natural garlic oil mentioned above, if the seller can tell the true information to the user, this is of course the best. But what if the seller insists it's pure natural and sells it to you for more than USD100/KG?

Other essential oils, natural products and synthetic products have certain differences in smell. Experienced connoisseurs can easily identify them by their senses. For professional buyers, practitioners rarely dare to pass off artificial products as natural ones.

Garlic oil is difficult to judge for its pungent smell, so could natural and synthetic garlic oils be identified?

Of course it can, but it's much more complex. Traditional physical indicators like spin and density GC maps can only distinguish the simplest differences, GC maps can also find out whether or not they're diluted, but carefully combined, semisynthetic garlic oil and natural garlic oil have similar physical and chemical data and almost the same GC maps. Then the most effective detection method can only rely on C14 test, by testing the content of the isotope C14, natural and artificial ingredients can eventually be distinguished. If only purchase dozens of kilograms, the testing costs will be unbearable for the users.

Therefore, the purchase and sale of natural garlic oil in the world are more inclined to cooperate with the big distributors with good reputation in a long-term and stable way. The cost of C14 testing will be amortized by large-scale purchasing, and the professional testing ability and standardized purchasing process will ensure that the downstream small and medium-sized users could use high-quality natural garlic oil.

Due to increasingly stringent environmental requirements, the impact of fake natural products squeezes the living space of natural garlic oil. In China the number of enterprises still engaged in the production of natural garlic oil is not so much at present, some family-owned businesses with a history of nearly 30 years are still adhering to the traditional process, they uphold the production philosophy of “Integrity Comes First” to overcome various difficulties, and provide quality and stability of the pure natural garlic essential oil to the majority of users. Wans Chemicals Co.,Ltd. insists on working with them, stick to the principle of “Integrity Comes Frist”and continue to contribute to the global fragrance industry and to the enrichment of human sensory flavors.

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