• What are the functions of rosemary extract in feed?

    What are the functions of rosemary extract in feed?

    2024-03-08 161

  • Market trend of Star Anise oil Cassia oil

    Discover the current price trends of Aniseed Oil and Cinnamon Oil in the international market. Explore the factors influencing the decline, such as weak demand, reduced export orders, and competition from low-priced alternatives. Gain insights into produc

    2023-07-18 465

  • Is Your Garlic Oil for Pasta Natural and Safe?

    Discover the intricate world of garlic oil authentication and analysis methods. Explore the techniques used to discern pure, natural garlic oil from blends with artificial additives. Learn about GC-MS and AMS spectrometry, ensuring quality and authenticit

    2020-12-09 1600

  • Who is the Story King of Essential Oil Products?

    Who is the \\\"Story\\\" King of Essential Oil Products?

    2020-11-24 1599

  • U.S. industrial hemp and CBD product prices continue to fall

    Entering 2020, the US industrial hemp derivatives market prices continue to fall. At present, the average price of pure CBD products is about 1624$/kg, the average price of full-spectrum oil is about

    2020-10-21 1413


    CBD oil is definitely the most popular plant extract and hot topic in recent years, as the leading company of essential oil field, Wans Chemicals is actively cooperating with a local manufacturer

    2020-10-15 1529

  • Do you know the function of Garlic oil? So Interesting

    This paper describes natural garlic oil (NGO) as a high-performance, environmentally friendly, extreme pressure additive for lubricating oils. The chemical composition of NGO was analyzed by gas chrom

    2020-05-07 1665

  • Garlic oil market report

    Pollution has been a major deterrent recent years. The impact on the garlic crop has led to many distillers stopping production. Those who are going ahead with their plans of extracting garlic oil are

    2020-05-07 1655